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The Deadly Break…

It is the new year – the perfect time to make start realizing on your new year’s resolutions. Maybe you’ve finally decided that this is the year to make that change and lose some unwanted weight. Maybe you’ve even gone beyond the decision to lose weight and actually searched for “weight loss” ideas online. Of course you were immediately bombarded with exercises, diet plans, success stories and free trial periods. There are more weight loss websites than you could ever sort through. So you looked at a few, were overwhelmed with the intake of information and decided to take a break.

But this is a deadly break.

I am a blogger who knows exactly what it feels like to be in your position. Whether you are at the initial stage of just making a commitment to lose weight, or one who has been overwhelmed and intimidated by the mountain of information on the world wide web, I am here to help. It’s overwhelming to be told different things by different experts from all over the world. It is demoralizing to be told what to do, when to do it, why you must do it and how to do it. No wonder you took a break from the screen.

Although experts are important, it is sometimes better to connect with a real person. I am that real person who has been in your situation. I was overwhelmed and disheartened. For me, weight loss was about more than being thin; it was about being healthy. So through my journey to success, I have compiled answers to many questions including:

How To Get Motivated
Simple Diets and Fitness Tips
Daily Detox Rituals
Healthy Eating On a Budget
Healthy Quick Snack Ideas
How to Shed the Last 10 lbs
How to Make Time For Health and Fitness
How To Think More Positively
What To Eat Before and After a Workout
How To Enjoy Exercise
At Home Workouts

It is time to take that next step in your resolution. Follow me through this blog for lots of ideas. You deserve to be happier, healthier and more confident. Give your body the boost it needs to become the body it deserves to be.

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