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6 Easy Tips to Burn that Stubborn Belly Fat

   Sure, you could argue that it’s not even springtime yet, but summer is still right around the corner. You’ve tried sit-ups and every ab exercise you could possibly imagine, but that belly fat is still there every time you glance down. What gives? Contrary to popular opinion, drastic dieting is not helpful and can actually be harmful! Diets that put intense stress on your body can cause a hormone in your body called cortisol to rise. High cortisol levels, especially if sustained will promote weight gain as well as the breakdown of lean muscle mass. Certain dietary restrictions should...

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Welcome to our Slender Tea Plus Blog!

The Deadly Break… It is the new year – the perfect time to make start realizing on your new year’s resolutions. Maybe you’ve finally decided that this is the year to make that change and lose some unwanted weight. Maybe you’ve even gone beyond the decision to lose weight and actually searched for “weight loss” ideas online. Of course you were immediately bombarded with exercises, diet plans, success stories and free trial periods. There are more weight loss websites than you could ever sort through. So you looked at a few, were overwhelmed with the intake of information and decided...

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