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About Slender Tea Plus

Slender Tea Plus is always 100% natural, organic and manufactured IN THE USA by the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS.

Born out of the kitchen of a new mother, Slender Tea Plus's Weight Control & Detox Tea Programs dispel weight control drama. It is the only tea program that combines 14 different 100% natural, organic ingredients into its exclusive formula. With Slender Tea Plus's Slimming and Detox Tea, say good-bye to diet pills, chemicals, jitters and sluggishness. Slender Tea Plus's ingredients have been specially selected to aid your body’s own natural processes by flushing out fat and toxins, boosting your metabolism, and balancing your blood sugar levels, while providing essential vitamins and electrolytes with each glass.

Unlike other weight control products that focus on unrealistic (and unhealthy methods) including pills, powders, and shakes with additives and chemicals, Slender Tea Plus’s Programs are ALL NATURAL & ORAGANIC. Slender Tea Plus knows that real weight control can ONLY BE ACHIEVED WITH YOUR COMMITMENT TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE; eat clean, eat healthy and exercise. Our programs are meant to assist you achieve your healthy goals and see results sooner. In addition to our exclusive tea blend, each program includes a healthy pre-cleanse plan, healthy eating plan, and exercise plan.

Slender Tea Plus's natural proprietary blend will work with your body to enhance its own natural rhythms. Our tea promotes regularity and creates balance allowing your body to work at its optimum level. After only two weeks, our customers have reported weight and inches lost and experienced less gas and bloating. Our customers have also reported experienced reduced cellulite, rehydrated skin, reduced breakouts, and increased clarity from other skin issues after only a few months of using our programs. As an added benefit, our customers raved about increased mental alertness and sharpness and felt less stress; all by just adding Slender Tea to their daily routine.

Slender Tea Plus encourages healthy behaviors. Our supportive team will there for you each step of the way to help you be where you want to be; Slender Tea Plus will give your body the boost it needs to become the body it deserves to be.

To your health,
The Slender Tea Plus Team